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I Will Not Let You Go…Until You Bless Me!

My continual prayer for us as God’s people is “CHANGED HEARTS”, for I know when THAT changes…the rest will follow close behind.  Remembering Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:33:  “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things will be added to you,” is a reminder when THAT becomes one’s focus…everything else that is of primary importance will follow.

Prayers of PERSISTENCE…prayers that will not give up until God blesses you …UNTIL you then see HIS WILL become reality in Your life.

When we think of change…we mostly think of a change of behavior yet…more deeply than that….God longs for and desires a change of  heart.  One that turns from darkness…to light;  from a lie…to God’s TRUTH; from our will…to His Will.

As that begins to happen in a life…and change deepens, piritual and emotional growth and development will kick into gear once again in people’s lives…and they will begin to walk toward their true DESTINY in God – rather than running from it.

God has HIS part to do…but we have OURS, too.  And that is to keep on praying….to not let the Lord go…until He blesses in the fullness of spiritual development and maturity so we can fulfill our purpose and destiny.

Place the “shoe” where it fits…it may be concerning your child…it may be you own personal life and walk with the Lord…it may be in your own health… or even a business deal….Specific to the current needs in your own life,  it maybe in your marriage which may be harboring some “open wounds” that need His healing touch of repair and restoration…. …BUT LISTEN to what the Holy Spirit “is saying” to us as the “church”.  Listen and learn…..


Over a period of five years, my family owned two English bulldogs. These were the real thing! Pedigree specimens. One was called Dixie Jubilee and the other was Buster Bo!

There is a myth about bulldogs that they are fierce and mean. Strangers almost universally seem to be afraid of them. But the opposite is true. Do not look at a bulldog’s mouth and teeth…instead, look at his eyes (which are sort of bugged on that smashed face). The eyes are gentle and sweet. They are not vicious…except to people who are mean to them.

There is a specific quality in bulldogs. Once they latch on with their mouth, they will NOT let go UNTIL they decide they want to. These dogs can be hit or beaten, but they will not let go UNTIL they are good and ready! They have a strong grip with their mouth. The fact that they have no neck somehow helps them to hold fast and stay connected!


We, as the Body of Christ, need to be that closely connected to the Head, Jesus Christ, so that our grip in prayer will be similar to that of the bulldog. We must be people who boldly approach God with the prayer of utter shameless persistence. It includes the concept of great boldness, of urgency, of pressing one’s request, claim, or demand to the very limits, and it includes determination to persist in that urgent boldness…UNTIL it receives the answer. Andrew Murray, a great man of prayer, said that this is a determination to persevere in prayer, to spare not time nor trouble…TILL an answer comes.

This kind of persistent prayer means, that, like the bulldog, we will NOT let go UNTIL we receive fulfillment of the promise of God upon a matter. It will take some effort, some struggle, some time, some wrestling with issues to see the matter through. A few sentences of “mental prayers” will not “cut it!” Why? Because they have no urgent dynamic, no force, no power to persevere. In prevailing prayer, we either sign on for the duration and relentlessly stay in the prayer battle, or we will not obtain the result we believe God desires…which by now, should be our desire.

To see results in prayer, it will take persistence, perseverance, commitment, and discipline. It will take a willingness to struggle to the point of a “changed nature” in the course of the praying.

Often, and in this kind of prayer…. “change means pain”.  Think of it….change only comes with struggle…a birthing….a new nature.  Are we willing to go through the pain that comes with a changed heart in that one we are praying for, or even in OURSELVES?  Go through the “go through”!  When you can’t go around  it…under it…over it… you have to “go THROUGH it” to get to the kind of change God is desiring…..a CHANGE of HEART…a CHANGE of nature that will bring glory to the Lord!


A “change of heart and of nature”  happened to a familiar Old Testament character, Jacob who was found “ wrestling with an angel” as  is recorded in Genesis 32:22-32. This passage reveals a key insight concerning persistent prayer. Our willingness to pray with persistence is God’s opportunity to work His will IN us …as well as…. FOR us!

God is interested in giving us, first, what we NEED before He gives us what we WANT. We may begin in prayer “thinking” we want one thing…(like a sweet, obedient child….or a solid, satisfying marriage….or a positive change in our finances) but the Holy Spirit often desires to work IN each of US, personally and individually…. before there is a change in our situation. Persistent prayer will bring results that prevail in more than one area of life.
As post modern people of today, we are not known for deep pockets of patience and persistence.  We live in the “age of instant gratification,”…we want it NOW!  This is the “age of doing it OUR way… or no way.”   . Though we are IN this world, Jesus prayed that we not be OF it! We must throw off the pull of demanding to “have it our way,” instantly; and take the disciplined road of perseverance which is carefully woven with an urgent, but patient, insistence. Only the Holy Spirit can strike such a delicate balance. We desperately need His help…His power!

The punch line in Jacob’s story is: I will not let You go,,,until You bless me. “ That sounds selfish, but there is much more to it than we see at first glance. It is more correctly: “I will not let You go….until YOUR WILL BECOMES REALITY IN ME!” THIS is what God is getting at in us. He wants to see heavenly revelation become earthly reality in our hearts, lives, and situations. He wants to implant His Godly nature FIRST in us….before he changes the situation and “blesses” with our desire.

AND…receiving our desire is not without some personal pain.  Jacob’s thigh and hip socket were struck, and he limped thereafter.  He was humbled in the wrestling, and that is what happens when we TRULY want God’s will to become reality in us.  Our former deception…our pride…our arrogance…our demanding of our own way and desires…all this is struck OUT OF JOINT…and we go limping away…an humbled figure of what we once were in days gone by before we “wrestled with God” to receive the privilege of walking in His Will for our lives.

We have much to thank Jacob for!  Why?  The very fact that he wrestled through that long dark night…all night long in prayer, resulted in our ability to come to Jesus today and receive life in Him! Jacob became ISRAEL in the struggle that night.  His NAME changed…and his NATURE changed along with it!   (our name represents our nature)

In that long night of prayer, Jacob, who was once the supplanter, the deceiver, the schemer, trickster, swindler and SINNER in his human flesh nature apart from God…BECAME Israel, Prince of God,  PARTNER WITH GOD!

A son of the King’s Kingdom, Jacob became the one who walked in the Father’s character and nature…representing Him… His Will….His Kingdom.

Israel is the name given to God’s people! Our existence as Christians is rooted in God’s people…Israel. We came from them….as Gentiles grafted into the vine. We are children of the man who was once named Jacob….but who BECAME ISRAEL – partner with God!  The seeds of our birthright were in the persistent prayer that prevailed that night! Jacob struggled with insistent urgency, and he did so….UNTIL he persevered!  He would NOT give up!

Some say Jacob wrestled with an Angel. Some say that Man was Jesus, but whoever it was specifically, it WAS a representative of God, Himself.

Jacob wrestled with God! His nature was changed in that time of persistence.

Let us “connect the dots” and make this personal.  As parents of wayward, prodigal teens or young adults, look deeper than getting your son or daughter back home as a cheerful, obedient, compliant, well-mannered young person…who can go forth and fulfill your visions for his or her life. That one who left your home as one who was deceived and one who was a “deceiver”….One whose insistent desire was “doing what is right in their own eyes”…..may come back with GOD’S viewpoint….as PRICE OF GOD…one who has entered the Kingdom and then serves the KING…not your personal dreams for him or her.  Look beyond…to GOD’S WILL for him or her.

Are you willing to give them totally to GOD?? (for they already belong to Him). Are you willing to say “Lord, even if You send them to the ends of the earth in a sacrificial life…I WANT YOUR WILL FOR THEM!  They belong FIRST to HIM…and not to you!”


That is the legacy He left us, and it is our heritage in Jesus Christ today! We must prevail in prayer UNTIL we KNOW that partnership in the depths of our being!  It is never us…alone…that gets anything done….- even in raising our children…..even in trying to “fix” our marriages, our businesses, our relationships…it is ONLY GOD IN US  and WITH US that gets things done!

In a night, when Jacob was willing to pray as long as it took, to hold on and not let go with excuses, laziness, apathy, or sleepiness…he took his responsibility and held fast, CONTINUING UNTIL the revelation came, allowing him to see himself as he really was…apart from God.

In seeing and facing the truth…God blessed him, but with more than some object of fleshly desire, silver or gold, or selfish want of having a child of our own making…a marriage like the one in our dreams.  In that time of prayer, God revealed to Jacob who he REALLY WAS! And in his willingness to see the truth concerning himself…Jacob received the revelation of who he could and would become….in God! This was the heavenly revelation that God wanted to become the earthly reality in Jacob’s life.

When we are willing to put aside our personal flesh, laziness, apathy and lukewarm responses toward God, we, too, will receive a true revelation of who we are….apart from Him. There is nothing good in us…apart from God.  In our fleshly nature, we, just like Jacob…supplant, deceive, scheme, trick, swindle and sin to get what WE want…

B UT… when we spend significant time in sincere wrestling with our own human nature in the presence of God, He will reveal what we can become as a partner with God! Then we can receive continued revelation of His truth…as we abide IN HIM!

As a result, God will be able to work through us to see many people delivered and helped whose needs could never be sufficiently touched through our puny human effort. “With man it is impossible, but WITH GOD….all things are possible!”

God says, “I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you a future and a hope…to bless you and not to harm you.” Jeremiah 29:11

Praying out of our personal desire and opinion – even for long periods of time – will reap nothing! Zero! No results!  Na-da!  But praying from a redeemed heart who has sought God for His will, His way, His revelation, His desire…will bring His results in the people we pray for…in our families…our marriages…our friendships…and  even in ourselves. In His strength, you and I can hold out for HIS OUTCOMES… by learning to see things through HIS PERSPECTIVE.   In ours….we faint!

John Wesley suggested that we do not have God’s permission to quit praying…UNTIL He gives some answers, even if that is just…His peace. For peace, must be the governor of our hearts. Led by the Prince of Peace, we must learn to lift up specific prayer concerning significant needs for which God has burdened us  as PRINCES of GOD…not just some personal desire of our own idea or will!

CLING TO HIM with active faith….born out of revelation received from Him, and He will give you strength and wisdom to know how to pray with insight into the true nature of things…IN THIS LIFE….. so that His Will becomes reality in  YOUR life!

DETERMINATION: Working intently to accomplish goals regardless of the opposition.

“Jesus Christ is the SAME…yesterday, today, and forever!” Hebrews 13:8

Looking unto JESUS,


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  1. Sandy,

    Great format and look.

    How are things going former Kansan?

    Keep radically following Jesus!

    Rich Elliott

    • Thanks so much, Rich! Your writings have been a blessing to me for over 10 years! I always appreciate your exhortation to “keep radically following JESUS!” And I am…even in Alabama where I have found a precious group of believers to “flow in His Spirit with”! And am always thankful for so many around the world,like yourself, who are radically following Him…in Spirit and in Truth!

      Blessings, my brother,

  2. oh Sandy.. love how you put this and your insights give me much to reflect on and in parts, yes and oh i feel it kind of thinking.
    Prevailing prayer— you have journeyed with me over the years and we have prevailed together.
    Your blogs are always rich and I look forward to reading through.
    Come see me too at
    I am in need of a post but “waiting” for a release to do it.

    love you friend!

  3. Sandy, praying from a redeemed heart is so the key.. it makes all the difference for me and as you say humility is its beginning.. The things of this world become strangely dim.. Just love it!!

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