Posted by: lifestreamsflow1 | April 30, 2010

Are You….but Yet Not?

ARE YOU washed in the blood…..

…..AND YET NOT a disciple committed to follow Jesus?

ARE YOU delivered from sin…..

…..AND YET NOT disciplined to grow?

ARE YOU justified by what He has done…..

…..AND YET NOT being sanctified by obedience to the Holy Spirit?

ARE YOU boasting in salvation…..

…..AND YET NOT submitting to His authority?

ARE YOU fond of Jesus…..

…..AND YET NOT giving Him loving obedience?

ARE YOU attached to Jesus…..

…..AND YET NOT abiding in Him?

ARE YOU gathering information…..

…..AND YET NOT allowing transformation?

ARE YOU running here and there…..

…..AND YET NOT finding Him in the Secret Place?

ARE YOU seeking for encouraging “words” from other people…..

…..AND YET NOT listening to His still small voice?

ARE YOU only interested in God’s blessings…..

…..AND YET NOT obeying His commandments?

ARE YOU wanting to find success through Jesus…..

…..AND YET NOT willing to surrender all at His feet?

ARE YOU only listening to what others say He said…..

…..AND YET NOT asking Him to reveal Himself to you?

ARE YOU allowing Him to be your Savior….

…..AND NOT YET bowing to Him as LORD!

The answers to such questions reveal a major dividing line between those who know about Jesus and those who know Him. A true disciple of the Lord is a follower and one who makes every effort to live his or her life in the manner of spirit which Jesus lived His.

Disciples study to show themselves approved unto God, as workmen who need not to be ashamed.  They rightly divide the Word of Truth and humbly and obediently bow to the Authority who is God Almighty on a daily basis.

Disciples of Jesus Christ hunger and thirst after righteousness as a way of life.  This is the WAY of Jesus, the Truth and the Life.  Be holy as He is holy.  Uphold Him in the practice and conduct of your life as a living sacrifice.


DETERMINATION: Working intently to accomplish goals regardless of the opposition.

“Jesus Christ is the SAME…yesterday, today, and forever!” Hebrews 13:8

Looking unto JESUS,


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  1. Sandy – A tough reminder that I fall short. That I need to get on my knees more, seek His face more, receive Him more, and desire Him more. –Godspeed, Elizabeth

  2. Imagine…if ALL His people did that! Thanks for your honesty, my Friend! Sandy

  3. Sandy, Great post! Another set of questions to go along with yours: “Is Jesus your savior, and yet not your Lord?” He must be both if we want to live the abundant life He has promised. I know I sometimes try to take Lordship of my life back from Him, but it doesn’t take long to realize I must surrender again. Peace, Linda

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