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NOTE:  Words such as this and others on this blog do not come from “head” knowledge…but are “revealed” knowledge to the heart to those who “humble themselves, pray, and seek His Face” continually. They are not for controversy nor debate.  Only those who truly seek God will be able to understand and receive them…for the “wisdom of God (insight into the true nature of things) is foolishness to the world!” When God speaks, He uses many metaphors…as He did in the Parables…but the says what He means…and He means what He says…unlike mankind.  We do well to take heed to what God speaks!


In the days and months and years that are rushing at you, it is not going to be “church as usual”, for My people; for life is not going to be “as usual”.  The peril, the danger, the darkness, the very turmoil of the world is going to strike such fear in the heart of man, and many…MANY are going to RUN to the House of the Lord!  They are going to stream into the Kingdom of God – the Mountain of the Lord – for refuge – for safety!

And you who have been prepared and already abide there are going to stand as watchmen and gatekeepers welcoming them as they stream – hungry and thirsty – to My altar.  noahs-ark.jpgYou shall open your arms to them and receive and welcome them with joy and with an urgency into the “ark of safety“, for it will be the ONLY true place of safety – the ONLY place of refuge  – the ONLY place of rest that remains. God’s Presence IS the Ark of Safety!

It won’t be “business as usual”.  You won’t be begging and urging and warning others to WAKE UP.  The shear magnitude of the peril will have shaken My people into awareness, and many who presently slumber and sleep spiritually will awake and arise to their feet!  My Glory will fill My Temple. My Light will be a Beacon in the dark hour,and from far and near…they will come…they will come!

Many image bearers have been readied – prepared – equipped – clothed to welcome many and to lead many who are about to awaken within.  It will be supernatural!  It will be Ephesians 3:20 (“abundantly above and beyond all you could ask or think“)!  It will be GLORY in the CHURCH!

You are to keep your eyes on Jesus…and not on the people nor on the dangerous activity or insanity outside in the world.  Let Me take you up higher in preparation to “see as I see”.  For many will come with fear and terror on their heels, and you must welcome them with peace and love – with calm and say to their storm…”Peace, Be still!”

Be about My business.  Focus upon Me.  I will provide.  I will take care of My own in the days to come…just as I did for my own in Egypt in the days of Moses…where, in the darkness that swallowed up Egypt…there was always a LIGHT in Goshen, the land of My people (Exodus 10:21-23)!  This will be so for those of Mine who continually “look unto Me” (Hebrews 12:2) and away from all that would distract (and there will be MUCH to distract).  You will need to focus upon My person to walk in My Light and endure til the end.  Events will hit with such a magnitude, and things will happen so fast that no many can grasp nor remedy it anyway.

Fret not yourself.  Do not fear.  Be anxious for nothing.

The world “system of domination”, as you know it will one day pass away.  Hold not to any of it, for to hold on to it is to be cast away with it.  Let it go, and take My hand.  I am drawing you to Myself…to my “ark of safety“…the place of My Presence.  Rest in My embrace.  My provision, for I am the Prince of Peace…your place of safety!

Do not be “caught up” in what is going on around you.  Prepare to receive those that shall be coming unto Me.  Always reach out with an extended hand to help, but as you help them…point them to ME.  Encourage them in the Spirit.  Be committed to helping them prepare to meet Me.  Show them the way.  Don’t just give people your “experience”…give them JESUS; for He, alone, can save.

During this time, life on earth will not be “as usual”.  Already…it isn’t as it was…not as how you have known it.  Do not fear.  Do not panic.  Do not spend time in over-due grief of unresolved emotions.  Pass through the grief and receive My resolve and My perspective concerning the changes that have come and are to come.  Avoid confusion and double mindedness when the new comes.  Step out in faith…looking only unto Jesus.  Do only what you “see” Me do, and speak only what you “hear” Me say.  Be watching.  Be listening.  I will show you specifics, and I will speak specifics to you. It is crucial in these critical times.  It is necessary.

People must worship Me and turn from idolatry of things, of people, of culture, of money, of power. Idolatry comes when people look to anyone or anything OTHER THAN ME, for they draw something else unto themselves that has no power to help nor change them.   Anything other than Me, or My Word, is death.

The FIRE of GOD must NOT go out on the altar of your heart!  This FIRE of which I speak is one of intensity!  My people must be intentional about a white hot love for Me. striking-a-matchKeep the firewood of sacrifice stacked high upon it. Keep the FIRE fueled with obedience so that it will protect you.  My FIRE will protect you when the fire of the world and hell rages about you.  You shall abide in the center of the flame in this critical hour.  My people MUST come into that place – the white heated hottest part – for ONLY THERE will they be protected from the fire of peril that will rage in the world!

Be not afraid…for lo, I am with you…even til the end of the age!

~ from the listening heart of Sandy Brunson

Looking unto JESUS…


“Jesus Christ is the same…yesterday, today, and forever!”  Hebrews 13:8

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