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Released from a Spirit of STUPOR

I am currently sharing some information on four end time spirit that were more fully released into the world some 26 years ago. They are as follows: 1) a Spirit of Stupor; 2) a Spirit of Confusion; 3) a Spirit of Assault; 4) a Spirit of Terrorism.



89368373825233262_YV4RaqJW_fThink of it! For a fact, such evil, destructive spirits have been running rampant over the earth for almost three decades! The World Wide Web was launched in 1992, which opened the door – not only to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be flung across the earth, but also for these reckless spirits to go around the world and begin to take root in current generations. Any Christians who have been alive and AWAKE spiritually…listening to the Spirit of God over these many years, have to admit this to be so. And today, we are living to see the evidence of the strike of such evil in the hearts and minds of people. We are also living with the consequences the fact that they were not bound and stopped by the church – at large – over these many years. As a result, these evil spirits have established strongholds in the lives of the people on the earth. Masses of people are locked in a condition of Stupor; their minds are continuously in Confusion. People Assault one another physically and verbally as a way of life; and of course, Terrorism has taken root across the planet.

Evil becomes established when good men and women sit calmly by and do nothing…especially in the unseen spiritual realm. We MUST wake up! Become aware! Arise and get up! Be alert! Sound the Alarm about such things…FIRST to ourselves, in our own walk with the Lord, and then to all people…everywhere! We must arm ourselves spiritually with the Word of God and be trained to combat such things with God’s spiritual weapons.

In looking closer at these very real influences in the world today, we must know that though we are the “people of God, called by His Name, called from the dark and delivered from shame” by the Blood of Jesus, we still live in a “fallen world” where we experience the “effects” of these evil spirits. Either we, or our family members, friends, and people we know are all affected by these serious and dangerous attitudes and actions which these evil spirits have released over us.

It is NEVER too late with God…and He does STILL calls us to pray, to intercede, to bind the enemy (Matthew 16:19), and “stand in the gap” in prayer for people and nations in this world who are affected by such serious and dangerous things. Our land is being ravaged by the enemy, yet 2 Chronicles 7:14 still holds: “If My People, who are called by My name will humble themselves, pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked way, I will hear from Heaven and HEAL THEIR LAND!” Just knowing about this is not enough…we MUST be “doers of the Word” to combat it. If we do not, we have “deceived” ourselves! (James 1:22)

To be AWAKE and ALERT is to be AWARE…and be informed!

A Spirit of STUPOR: This spirit has found great influence today in people becoming very complacent and apathetic about Jesus, His Word, His Gospel, His Kingdom, and matters of living a holy, pure, and righteous life…and also, apathetic about other people’s suffering. As a result JUSTICE languishes!

COMPLACENT: self-centered; pleased with one’s self or one’s advantages or accomplishments, often without awareness of or concern for some defect, problem, or potential danger; self-satisfied, unconcerned, uninterested.

APATHETIC: having or showing little or no emotion or feeling; not interested or concerned; indifferent, calloused, unresponsive; insensitivity to suffering (can watch images of people being violated, including innocent babies and children and helpless people), humans and animals tormented, and killed in every conceivable way (beheaded, tortured), actions or scenes of torment to individuals, or in mass, and be unaffected, unmoved…even entertained by it!!!

People, as a whole, are very lethargic, numb emotionally, indifferent, callous, unfeeling, and sluggish about their deep need of living for God and walking in His ways. It is an environment, where people “do what is right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25) with no regard to holiness, righteousness, Godly authority, or His Truth in how they live their lives. They are “self-satisfied” without Him. With their life centered around SELF…they have no desire for Him, nor a place for Him in their hearts, for it is FULL of itself; and thus they “buy into” the easily accessible spirit of STUPOR about the Truth and the things of God. They are easy prey for the enemy, and through the airways, (TV, movies, internet, mass media), they are seduced in a mass mindset to live for themselves and not walk with God. Thus, they forfeit his protection. NOTE: Read again the message I posted on Two Time Periods which speaks of America.

People (including Christians) have become mesmerized by attitudes picked up from TV, movies, mass media, and the entertainment industry. Most (especially in the Western world where all this is so readily available) are “couch potatoes” who sit mindlessly by and are “controlled and manipulated” by whatever comes to them via the mass media. Sex, perversion, violence, obsession with money and lifestyle are their daily fare. No purity. No justice. No peace.

It is as if they are hypnotized, spellbound, and fascinated with the unreality and fantasy of the images and sounds and effects they see and hear through a steady diet of such things and the industries that surround these images. Callous to true, real human need…they have “exchanged the truth…for a lie”…and love to have it so…in ever increasing doses. If you want to see that literally in the Bible…read Romans 1:18-32. It is very explicit! Also read 2 Timothy 3:1-9; Revelation 21:8

I won’t even go into details of such things, for God does in the above passages; but this wickedness of STUPOR captures the vast majority of people, especially the young generation (though many of the older generation live and act recklessly like they are teenagers and dishonor God with their bodies and in their lifestyles, too!) Captured by a spirit of Stupor! Their consciousness is seared (1 Timothy 4:2); they are damaged emotionally, and they come away bound by an end time spirit of stupor that causes them to be indifferent to the truth or its attending blessings. Their sensibilities are burned, scorched; and their hearts become hard and resistant to the liberating Truth about God, themselves, their purpose in life, and in eternity.

Let me give you a mind boggling statistic. Of the approximate 6.5 billion people who live on the earth today (1990s stats…now, today, 7 billion), over 3.5 or HALF of them are UNDER the age of 25!! All they know is what is on the earth today. Many are from Third World countries with no technology where they live a life of horror, war, and brutalization; and the rest are from modern countries whose “technological wonders” hold them hostage to watch such evil, brutal things, yet they do not know they are being “sucked into” this lie of Stupor, Confusion, Assault, and Terror. We must cry out for this half of the population to be SAVED!

Almost all of this young generation have never heard and do not know the TRUTH of the Gospel and the Lord JESUS CHRIST (apart from an intervention of God to pour out His Spirit in their generation…for which we must continually PRAY!) And because they do not know the TRUTH…they are easy prey for this “spirit of Stupor” and have little resistance to it when it seeks them out through images and sounds and violent behavior which they feel helpless against. It is just the “norm” in life for them; and they are addicted to, and swallowed up by it.

As stated, 2 Timothy 3:1-9 depicts some of this behavior as well as the other spirits we are studying. Read it and you will see He spells it out clearly! We are living in “perilous times”. God has said that they “will come”. That these times are a reality is not the issue…they HAVE come. But our God has called us, His people, to walk and live a different way…to model another behavior and attitude, one that is HIS and not conformed to this world. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we must RESIST such things ourselves if we are to be equipped to “stand in the gap”, to pray and intercede for others we know and love. We are appointed to help them find the “way OUT’ of such insensitive, indifferent mesmerizing bondage.

If you readers will bear with the “bad news” for a few days, as I write about these four evil spirits, we will work and pray together THROUGH to the GOOD NEWS and to how we may boldly RESIST THE DEVIL in his subtle, insidious schemes that he has sent out to capture the hearts and minds of people!

I am not a “doom and gloom” person, nor do I believe “what will be…will be”. My faith is IN GOD, in HIS PLAN, and in the POWER of HIS MIGHT! I am just a herald…a preacher and teacher of righteousness. One who cries out and who has been released to “blow His trumpet and SOUND AN ALARM in these same last days! JESUS CHRIST IS our HOPE OF GLORY…and of DELIVERANCE from such oppressive things. But we need not be “ignorant” of the devil’s devices. (2 Corinthians 2:11). We need to KNOW what we are up against and the truth of the reality of what God’s Plan is in the midst of it.

Pray always with me…from Job 34:32 (NIV) “Teach me, Lord, what I do not see. If I have done wrong…I will do it NO MORE!” Convict and release us, O, God! Deliver ALL of us from ANY of the effects of this spirit of STUPOR that “hangs in the air…like a slow moving, thick, foul odor!”

May the beautiful fragrance of JESUS CHRIST and his Truth…set us FREE! For “whom the Son has set free…is FREE INDEED”! John 8:36

~ to be continued….



More than ever…LOOKING unto JESUS!



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